Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

The Office of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion strives to serve our vision of a fully inclusive and equitable Chatham and our mission of advancing an environment that is inclusive, diverse, mutually respectful, and equitable for all students, faculty, staff, and alumni. We are grounded in the following values:

  • Equity Mindedness – Calling attention to disparities in resources, rights, and quality of life among historically privileged and marginalized groups.
  • Intersectionality – Honoring the wholeness and uniqueness of individuals’ lived experiences as a result of holding multiple social identities.
  • Trauma Informed – Examining the influence and impact of responses to personal, interpersonal, and societal acts of violence.
  • Expansive Inclusivity – Creating an environment broad and vast enough to encompass all community members, regardless of their background, that encourages authenticity and transformation rather than assimilation and conformity
  • Restoration – Engaging in community dialogue practices that build relationships and repair harm.


Photo of BIPOC students wearing masks, attending the RISE retreat

RISE Retreat for Students of Color

The RISE Retreat provides Chatham students of color with an opportunity for group mentorship, community-building, identity development, and creating a network of BIPOC students and staff at the university. Any student of color at Chatham is encouraged to register by the August 10th registration deadline. 

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Photo of four Black students laughing and sining on stage with microphones during BIPOC karaoke night. There is a sign behind them that says YOU ARE MAGIC.

BIPOC & Queer Family Dinners

Chatham's BIPOC and LGBTQIA+ community members gather monthly for these casual, relationship-building spaces. Any student, faculty, or staff who identifies with those communities is invited for a two-hour gathering featuring food, games, and activities like speed-friending, karaoke, and mocktail tasting.

Photo of a group of six Chatham University students sitting outside a red brick academic building on the ground and benches talking

Intergroup Dialogue Program

Chatham's Intergroup Dialogue (IGD) Program offers academic courses each semester for undergraduate or graduate students interested in practicing the skills of intergroup dialogue. Additionally, the program offers The Learning Edge, a one-time dialogue workshop available for requests from campus groups.

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Photo of BIPOC students with food at a table

Worldview Pluralism Initiatives

We aim to create a community of worldview-inclusive faculty, staff, and students who can live authentically in their religious, spiritual, or secular identities alongside other intersecting identities. Dialogue sessions, retreats, trainings, and a campus prayer/meditation room offer supportive spaces of identity exploration and community-building.

Photo of two female Chatham University students posing together at a multicultural affairs event.

History & Heritage Celebrations

History and Heritage events engage the Chatham community in challenging stereotypes and embracing our rich campus diversity. These celebrations honor a variety of marginalized identities, including Hispanic/Latine, LGBTQIA+, Native American, Black, AAPI, and women-identified communities.

Photo of a group of Chatham University students wearing graduation stoles with rainbow LGBTQ+ representation, posing together for a photo.

Identity-Based Graduations

The Lavender and Multicultural Graduation ceremony hosted each spring semester honors and celebrates the achievements of queer, BIPOC, and international students due to their demographic underrepresentation in U.S. higher education institutions.

Decorative image comprised of twelve religious symbols in a grid

Chatham Worldview Network

This community of faith-based campus liaisons helps connect students with religious and spiritual resources in the greater Pittsburgh area. Members of this network attend Chatham's involvement fair each semester and often meet with students on campus for spiritual support.

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Photo of a female Chatham University student sitting on a bench outside on Shadyside Campus

Title IX

Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972 ("Title IX") prohibits discrimination on the basis of sex in education programs and activities operated by recipients of federal financial assistance. 

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Photo of a young Black woman smiling in Chatham University's Anderson Dining Hall

Support Diversity, Equity & Inclusion at Chatham University

We understand that the greater community of aspiring allies and concerned citizens may ask what they can do to contribute towards racial advocacy and social justice efforts for Chatham students. Chatham has several affirming student organizations and initiatives that focus on restorative justice and engaging across different broader equity and inclusion efforts. Thank you for your interest in supporting these programs.

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Diversity, Equity & Inclusion